Wisdom Unlimited Projects Co-operative Limited is a 100% black owned company that is based in Region E. The company is founded by 40% female and 60% Male ownership. The Co-operative company was established in 2015 with the hope of developing the company into a profitable organization that empowers the lives of the people in Region E as well through possible projects that the company hopes to participate in the near future. We aim to change the landscape of business solutions in South Africa by providing professional services within the private and public sector. Wisdom also aim in contribution in decreasing the unemployment rate in South Africa by setting a goal of employing more than at least 500 unemployed individuals (matriculants, graduates etc) by year 2030. The Co-op consist of 5 directors who are determined to live the values of the organisation with compliance and dedication. Management strive to become the leading Projects, transportation and security company to all their stake-holders. Our determined company will be known for its unquestionable commitment to service delivery in a fast and yet safer way. Our aim is to develop a company that will share the vision of its directors and its stake holders. The objective is to maximize our profits and to maintain long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders.