Geo-ego Artist

A South African multi-talented duo born producer, rapper, singer and song writer from Rustenburg in Marikana, Sello Maphosa born 17 December 1992 and Katlego Kgole born 11 March 1993 better known by their stage name "Geo-ego".

Full Profile

Their interest in music started as early as year 2000 and they are former members of a crew called Genesis Fellas. They both came to full realization that they will be embarking in music as Geo-ego after a stage performance that shocked the residents of Marikana in 2015 which awarded them a platform to showcase their talentedpotential at local events. The duo always had hopes to be discovered and continued making music in their home made studiowhere they continued blowing rhymes but had to look at other options without losing hope and their patience paid off as they are currently signed under an independent record label Wisdom Entertainment Holdings PTY LTD. Geo-ego began pursuing a full time career in music when they recorded their first demo in 2015.

Their first reality break was through full co-operation with Wisdom Entertainment Holdings personnel where they did not only make music but were groomed to execute their craft and improve their rapping skills.

Their hyped up and high anticipated single titled "Pop champagne" will be officially released on the 24th of February 2017 thus far the pre-sampled single has received a positive feedback. They look forward to their national promotional tour which will resume in April 2017. They hope to interact with their potential fans along the way and build a long lasting legacy in the music and entertainment industry.